aka Schwann

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in mOO
  • My occupation is mOO
  • I am mOO


    • You must have a thigh gap, potruding bones, a small thin frame, and wear a size zero to be even relatively close to beautiful.
    • People who self harm are psychotic, heartless monsters who don't feel pain.
    • If you have any problems, you are automaticly a danger to society, and your contagious to everyone your around.
    • Anyone in a rock/emo/metal band is always a bad influence, no matter how much meaning is in their music, and instead you should listen to rappers and singers who rap and sing about "hoes", "niggas", sex, drugs, getting high, and illegal activities.
    • Every mistake you make makes you an awful person.
    • You have to dress like a slut if your a girl, and if your a boy, you have to wear your pants below your b…

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